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Friday, February 17, 2006

Trying to Smile :)

Yupiee :D a beautiful white morning, it's snowing, i was jumping with joy! NO UNIVERSITY FOR TODAY! the idea of that am finally going to get some time for myself to relax and finish the stuff i have to do made me smile :)

i called my little sister's school to check, and they said school was off, i tried to call my uni, but no one answered the phone... i wasted no time, and started working on my research, happy to know i'll have more than enough time to finish it today... BUT there is always the fact that things don't usually work the way we want them to, my brother woke up, and managed to contact our uni, he informed me that we don't have a day off, all i could think about was: "i've missed my 8am lecture and i only have less than 20 minutes to get dressed, drive all the way to uni, find a place to park, and run to the lecture!"

i couldn't find my black shoes, so i had to wear my 9cm high heeled boots instead, and with less than 5 minutes left, i really had to hurry up!

on the way, the guy who was driving infront of me suddenly stopped! the road infront of him was empty, and my car was about to smash his, i really wanted to give him a huge angry look and a big PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! but that's when his car moved, and i understood why he had to stop, a white pigeon was beautifully marching on the street, and i smiled :)

after climbing the famous stairs of engineering, i finally reached my class, i was 15 minutes late, and couldn't find a place to sit, i had to sit beside someone i don't really like... just then, a nice guy offered me a seat infront of the one am sitting in, which means a better view to the board, and bye bye to the guy by my side, but kindly, i refused his generosity, for i had caused enough disturbance by entering late, there was no need to cause more... i noticed that the doctor hasn't erased what he had written yet, i could still follow up with him, and again, i smiled :)

i still had to run to my next lecture, which was in "al-sharee3a", but running while wearing high heels on a slippery road doesn't really help that much! i had to enter late... luckily, the doctor decided not to give us a lecture, and off i went back to engineering with a smile :)

15 minutes to twelve, i still had time before my shift starts in the IEEE office, "great :D i have some time to put a plan for things that should be done for today!", while opening the door, a little piece of paper fell on the ground, a friend had passed us a note, we have to correct some data we have previously saved on the PC... directly, i headed towards the PC, switched the power on, and waited... nothing showed up on the screen!!! i checked to see if all the cables were connected, and that we had electricity, everything was in it's right place, still, the screen refused to work! scared of the idea that i might have burned a switch, a cable, or something else, i had to cry for help!!! i called the engineer in the office opposite to ours, and explained the situation to him... he was kind enough to see where the problem was and fix it, i thanked him, and smiled :)

lots of work had to be done by the end of the day... and with only 3 hours, it really seemed to be mission impossible! but with a partner like mine, things seem to be much simpler, and work starts to get fun :) the new aroma kit we got cheered us up, and lifted our spirits to start with joy... the rest of the group started to show up, it was nice to discuss things we did, things we have to do, and our ideas with each other... yet, our work wasn't being done as planned on schedual!

it's allready 3pm, i have an extra lecture, it's time for me to go... but i still have to pick a paper from an engineer before i do... on the way, i saw my favourite doctor, he's one of the few doctors whom i can really say i enjoy being in their lectures, so i stopped for a couple of minutes to say hi, and he told me that there is space for some more students in his class! isn't that the greatest news ever???

it was my last chance to sign for it, and i decided that joining his class was much much more important than the lecture am going to miss, so i went to the registration office, i didn't expect it to be so crowded!!! i asked someone who works there if i could still apply to a new course, he was extreamly mean, and without even tring to see if it's possible or not, he said NO (God, i hate this word!), i had to climb the engineering stairs again for the 3rd time this day, and tell my doctor it wasn't possible for me to join... he was sort of baffled! another student has just signed for his class... i was sent to the head of the engineering office, i got a paper from there, and went to the main computer department as i was told... as expected, they said they have nothing to do with it, and i ran back to the registration office...

"go to the 2nd floor", and off i went, a student was fighting with the secretary for he had been waiting for a long time to see the manager, while others who came after, were directly sent to him... i had to wait untill it was over... politely, i explained the case for her... "sign it from the science department", "but am an engineering student! what does the science department have to do with it!!!", "JUST GET THE PAPER SIGNED!".

the weather was freezing, i could feel my chin and cheeks get numb, i could no more feel my fingures, my legs really hurt!... "it's just a couple of more steps, you can do it!" and i finally reached the head office of the sience department... i entered with a smile, "excuse me sir, but could u please sign the paper for me???", "you are an engineering student, you have to sign it from the engineering department, i can do nothing for you"... feeling extreamly tired, and not really wanting to climb the stairs again, i asked: "what happens if i signed the paper myself??? afterall, it's just a signature!" he smiled, and asked me to go to an office beside the milkbar, "go to this lady, she can help you"...

happy to know that i don't have to climb the stairs, i found enough energy to walk to the prescribed department... a bunch of students were crowded outside, one of them told me that the office closed... "but it's still 4pm!", "well, they are still in, but they aren't allowing anyone to enter", frustrated, i kept on knocking, finally, a man opened the door, and i begged him to sign the paper... "we don't sign such papers here!", "but the head of the science department asked me to come here and ask (i forgot what her name is) to sign it!", he laughed, and told me that i can find her in the registration office...

back i went... and into the engineering office i entered, another mean man kicked me out... i asked him about her, "she's not here!"... a student standing out saw what happened, and told me where i could find her office... i knocked, tried to smile, and gave her the paper... "i can't add you to the class", "why not??? there are some places for extra students, the doctor and the head of the engineering department agreed, and all that's missing is ur signature!!!"

wanting to get rid of me and my nagging, she made a phone call, and explained my request to the guy on the phone, he told her there was no problem at all... pleased to hear such news, i smiled a winners smile, and seems to be she didn't like it at all, and down she wrote a note: "add her only if there is space in the class, don't sign her otherwise" , "go to the computer lab in the engineering department".

i only had 30 minutes left before they close the lab, and i really had to run back to engineering (one day, am really going to count the number of steps we have to climb each day!!!), there he was, a nice old man sitting behind the PC, registering courses for a couple of other students... i waited my turn... he looked at me and smiled :) he asked me about what i wanted, and in less than a minute, everything was over, i was finally signed for the class!

i headed back to the IEEE office, my partner was still working, i few more things were left to be done... finally, we managed to finish most of it, and sat for a couple of minutes to relax... it was about 6pm, time to go back home... yet, i still had to buy some things, and so i did...

i finally reached home, i greeted my mom, i tried to smile, but i no more could, i threw my self on the nearest chair i found, and with all my heart, i wished if i could cry, my feet were killing me!!!


  • At Sunday, February 19, 2006 9:57:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    nothing in this world deserves one tear of ur tears ....
    "respectless" is a normal matter
    in general departments.... they r lower than one tear of urs, dont be sad ! and cheer up ..... :)

  • At Friday, February 24, 2006 10:40:00 PM , Blogger Diana said...

    u've had a busy day that day :)
    it's all the snow's fault :P u know,i remember that day there was a show on the radio and the presenter asked a question: do u love snow,or do u hate it? many called saying yea we love snow becoz... i was thinking:"i hate it..ok it's fun to play with it and have a snowball fight (that is if the snow is "mi7rez"),besides,it will melt away in a day or two and kill our joy and we'll be back to everyday routine,so it's better if it doesn't come in the first place.
    i feel sorry for u to have to do all these walks and specially climbing the "famous Engineering stairs" up and down and again up and again down..i've done these walks in my first year but i was lucky coz i was wearing my (sneekers) :)..but this experment give u a clear idea of the coordination in our uni and how much ppl are open minded! but overlooking all these things,i still believe that when we are old we will long for these days,they are the best days of our lives,so even though they torture us,it's ok,we are still young and we can handle everything :P

  • At Friday, March 03, 2006 8:24:00 PM , Blogger Rain Drop said...

    i love snow :) it's white, it's pure, and above all, it's real fun ;)
    i donno where did i get this idea from, but when i was a child, rain to me was a gift from heaven to wash away our sins, the number of rain drops = the number of people's sins... that's why streets get real dirty at first, but then, it rains again, and washes all the dirt away...
    snow was even a greater gift, for it gives people a new white heart instead of the black one they have :) it opens a new page in our lives, a new beginning, a new start :)
    years later, i found that this only happens in my own imagination... but deep inside, it still holds the same meaning it used to :) and it always will...
    it's still fun to see little kids jump with joy when snow flakes start to fall :) nearly every single house would build a snowman beside their gate, with two buttons for the eyes, a carrot for the nose and a cucmber to make him smile :)
    yet, i find it weird why some adults really get annoyed when it snows... i guess they donno how to admire such a miracle :) they should learn how to start enjoying their lives!

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