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Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy Ad7a 3eed :D

Kol saneh o into salmeen ya rab!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

TAG: the best and the worst moment in 2006

i've been tagged by mohammed (who is going to be tagged btw;)

i can think of lots of gr8 moments and lots of real bad moments that happened in 2006 :) i can't pick the best and the worse, so i'll just list some...

best momets:

-birth of baby mo2ayyad (plus all the other babies who actually came, and those who r expected to come soon) (it's the most peacful feeling in the world when he sleeps while being in ur arms :D )

-joining the IEEE team (i got the chance to meet real great people, especially the wonderful commitee members:)

-the three surprise birthday parties i had this year :) (although i was expecting 2 of them, they managed to really surprise me this time ;)

-chopsticks fight with tala, diana and rasha :) (am still having a good laugh at it;)

-going out to eat sunday icecream under the snow and having a snowballs fight with my sisters :D (that was real fun!)

-travelling to turkey and egypt again :) (this includes my sister's graduation party and my uncle being there for us :) (i know u probably won't ever read this, but i love u '7alo!)

-IEEE orphans iftar (although i sort of missed the fun part :)

-flying kites again with the kids and sitting by the sea in aqaba

-training in mobilecom (thanks for every1 there, especially eng. Younis, Samia, and Samar)

-this blog :) i met some real nice people here, and i love the idea of sharing thoughts and ideas with others... it made me think in a different way...

-when i got those nice comfy nine west shoes :D (i know i had to go back home with nearly nthg left in my purse, but they're really worth every penny i spent ;)


-when certain companies refused to train me just coz am a girl :) (yea, am gonna get them for this some day!)

-when samir entered while we were having the chopsticks fight (it was really embarrassing :)

-when my mom's bag was stolen a day before my birthday (and we thought that she might be having a heart attack on my birthday :) (glad she didn't ;)

-car accident less than an hour be4 adan during ramadan :) (i was going out with my friends to have iftar)

-when i got my PE mark :)

-mechatronics design project (i would have never made it without tala, thanks :)

-just when i thought that i've got the worst proposal ever, i had two even worse :) (i don't think it can get worse than that, or i hope it won't!)

-i lost a couple of very good friends (or i thought they were) coz after 7 years, i realized that they don't think of me the way i expected...

ok, that's enough ;) (or else i won't stop talking!) my turn to tag :D

Dar (revenge time ;) , Moammed, Tala, and Diana :) ur all tagged ;) (diana, u know what to do ;)

Monday, December 25, 2006

The Story of Little Birdy

He was a little bird in a big beautiful golden cage; placed by the window ; enabling him to take a look at the outer world…
the cage was comfy and clean, it was always filled with food and water. There were some branches that the bird could jump on too…

At first, the bird was happy, and filled the house with its joyful singing; till one day; a couple of birds stood by the window where the cage was… they sung for a while, and then flew far far away…

The little bird no more sung… although the cage was big and he had everything he might need and even more; the bird felt lonely and that he was a prisoner... the cage was too empty for him… the bird wanted more, he wanted to go out, to get a chance to see what’s in the outer world, he wanted to meet other birds, to sing with them and fly far away and high in the sky, just like those two birds did… he wanted freedom…

The owners noticed that the bird was no longer happy, and were kind enough to open the door of the cage… the bird jumped a step or two closer to the door… he took a look outside, and another one inside… He felt too scared, what would he do when it gets too cold out there and starts raining? Where would he get food when it starts snowing? What will protect him from cats and other enemies he might face out there? the little bird kept on thinking…

A couple of seconds later, the bird flew up to the highest branch in the cage, it stood there, and with all the power that he had, he started singing again…

The question is, what would you do if you found out that this little bird was you?

Saturday, December 16, 2006

No Time to be Sick!

Extreme coldness and high fever, headache, fatigue, muscle weakness and pain, reddened watering eyes, sore throat, dry cough, nausea, sweating, vomiting, and a runny stuffy nose all caused by this cute 100 nm in diameter virion

I have no idea why do i keep on getting this sick when i have final exams and projects to deliver... what can i say, me is "lucky", very lucky indeed...

Monday, December 04, 2006

Nerds Tag

I've been tagged, AGAIN, by Dar...

* Rules for this tag are:
  • Grab the closest book to you
  • Open Page 123
  • Scroll down to the 5th sentence
  • Post the next 3 sentences on your blog
  • Name the book and author
  • Tag 3 people

and since this was the nearest book (with more than 123 pages) i found,

The 5th sentene on page 123 was:

"Functional brain imaging can now be extended to measure the subtle changes in brain activity associated with thinking. For example, the mental rotation task produces prominent right parietal and right frontal lobe activation, which is evident on both the Xe-133 and BOLD MRI images (Fig. 30-6). These procedures have the potential to detect congnition and thought as well as abnormal brain activation patterns attributable to psychiatric disease and may eventually lead to a more accurate anatomically-based categorization of psychiatric illness."

now, since i have no idea what on earth the book is talking about, if u have any questions, ana ma da'7alnee, please do ask Dar

Book Name: CECIL Textbook of Medicine

Author: Goldman, Bennett

21st editin, Saunders

This time, i'll tag : Rowdyrascal, Tala, Kharbat, Abed Hamdan, Dr_MHQ, Kaitlen, Nathir, and Curly Wurly :)

Dar, don't worry, i'll revenge soon ;)