Private Thoughts and Imaginations...

Saturday, August 19, 2006


Each one of us has a unique story... some might seem to be alike, but with some differences in the tiny details... and there are others whom i consider remarkable; they are indeed like no other... up till now, i can't figure out in which category is life story going to be...

I still can't understand how some people look at you and say that you are an open book that can easily be read... it's amazing how they can tell what you're thinking of, or expect how you would exactly act in a specific situation... it's like they know you better than you know yourself...

others might look at you and say that you are vague, that you are filled with mysterys and secrets... there is something in your eyes that they can't explain, and it's just hard to "understand" you... i would say that each one of us is a combination of both :) we all have atleast two sides... the side we want others to meet, and the side that only we know about.

i can't count the number of people i've met in the past months, but i surely can remember Neshe, a beautiful young lady who changed her path just to help us find our way back in Turkey, i remember the 6 years old Da-Yun-Lee from Korea, a smart kid who found a way to communicate and play with me while sailing, her smile is still stuck in my head :) i remember Helen & Fred Ford from Australia, a sweet couple we've met in the Haghia Sophia... and there was Urzu, a shop owner who tailored a suit specially for me in just 3 days! another shop owner gave us a blue bead to protect us from evil eyes :) i even met a cute little kid named Younis, he once told me that he's sorry he didn't miss me before, but that was just coz he hadn't met me yet :) that was the sweetest thing i've ever heard in my life :) i met lots of people whom i can no longer remember their names, but could still remember how nice they were to me :)

it's true that i've met them for only a couple of hours, but they have all touched my life in a magical way :) i loved the way we managed to get along without using words, how we managed to find our own way to understand each other :) and although i know i probably won't be able to see any of them again, the sweet memories they gave me shall live in my heart forever :)

Turkey was a wonderful experience, every place you go, and wherever you look, you'll find a beautiful story waiting to be told, the walls, their buses, the streets, malls and hotels, and every single thing that you might think of... i loved Turkey, not because of the places i've been to, but because of the people i've met :) i loved the unique mixture of people they have, and how they all get along with each other, and i loved how friendly everyone is :)

they were 7 days that i'll never forget, i can't deny that i was extreamly happy to get back to my room, but deep inside, i wished if i could have stayed a little bit longer :)

anyway, if anyone is looking forward to spending their vacation in Istanbul, i recommend visiting the Dolmabache palace, the Blue Mosque, the Top Kapi and the Haghia Sophia... The Dolmabache certainly has a unique story to tell :)

p.s: find yourself a good guide, he can really make a difference :)