Private Thoughts and Imaginations...

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Little Angel :)

Yup, am talking about those cute little creatures with 10 tiny little fingers, and 10 tiny little toes :D

This morning, my sister gave birth to her second child, another cute baby boy :) so for the mean time, we're going to have a double waaaaa3 at home, and within a couple of months, it'll be a triple waaaaaaaaaaaa3 :) (yea, we're expecting another baby boy ;)

i guess i should find a place to run away before eid comes, coz we're expecting the gathering of 7 waaaaaaa3s together ;) (am definetly outa here!)

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Private Thoughts...

it's amazing... how filled with life we may seem to be... but deep inside, filled with sorrow, madness, and lost are we...each day, a thousand times we live and die... we laugh and cry... we close our eyes, in hope not to see, but what's about to happen is to happen, and wether we liked it or not, life continues going on... yet, it is left to us, to choose wether to live surrounded by our misery, or to search for a way, a path to get us out of here...

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Sorry for being this late, but you may say that i am a lazy person when it comes to uploading pics ;)

anyway, here is a brief. During the eid, we decided to spend those 5 days in aqaba as a change. We stayed at the intercontinental. The following picture was taken from my room there. (yea, i do know that they have a great swimming pool ;)

nothing much happened on the first day, we went to our rooms, unpacked, got some rest, and then went to eat "iftar" in a resturant called "Floka", it's a good one compared to the other options they have there ;)

later on, the kids, went to swim, and my mom and cousin vanished somewhere, while my sister and i had to go shopping for eid gifts... (lol, women ;) we got back to the hotel by midnight, and since i'm fond of the sea, we decided to stay and sit by the shore.

The feeling of sand between my fingers was indescribable. Sea waves were chanting gently while kissing the shore… stars lit the sky, and the soft breeze of wind kissed our cheeks tenderly… we drifted far away with our thoughts, and chatted till it was 2am, that’s when we remembered that the very next day is eid, and we’ll have to wake up early :)

not gonna make this a long post, so in short, we spent the rest of the days building sand castles, flying kites, riding the banana boat, jet skies, and the inner tube. And since the king decided to spend eid in Aqaba too, acrobatic air force planes decorated the sky with streams of white smoke. the parade was really nice :)

we also went to take a look at Tala Bay, it’s marvelous! but since it's private, you some1 who actually has a house there to be able to go inside... (it really is worth it ;)

Our vacation ended, and it was time to go home... This is how the sky looked like on our way back... if it was a painting, i would have stood in front of it for hours ;) (arts club ppl, u know exactly what am talking about!)

that was the whole story of my trip, hope that u didn't get bored ;)