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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Laptops, What would you suggest???

i guess it's time to live in the 21st century... i have to get a laptop, but having various brands out there such as dell, sony vaio, ibm lenovo, toshiba, fujitsu siemens, apple, hp, acer, compaq, averatec, asus, alienware, emachine, gateway, panasonic, samsung, LG, sharp, sager and others, doesn't make it easier to decide!!!

Anyway, according to the offers i got from our "beloved" jordanian market, my choices currently are:
1- HP Pavilion dv5278
2- Toshiba Satellite M100-222
3- Apple MacBook Pro (MA464LL/A)

Since am intending to buy 1 that is supposed to last for a very loooong term, i'd like to get all the computer power i can afford. it'll be used for long hours, heavy duty (image processing and similar stuff), which means that i'll be needing a reliable laptop with atleast 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 2 MB cache, 1GB DDR2 RAM, 100GB high performance HDD, long battery life, and does not weight more than 2.5 kg, with a budget that nearly does not exceed 1500JDs)

HP meets all the above, except for it's weight and size, which is a very important issue since i move a lot (but hey, it's just an extra .5 kilo afterall!)

Toshiba has much much better specs, it also weights less (the price is 150 jds more than the HP, and i believe it's worth it ;) but nothing is perfect... it has a very low battery life, and i don't think i'd like it if the battery decides to die while am in the middle of smth, and couldn't find a near by AC source... i hate recharging batteries!

Mac is just great, and i know it can boot from either Mac OS X or Windows XP, but i still donno how compatible it is with the available softwares in the market, and i still donno how much it's gonna cost...

So, experts out there and laptop owners, i really would appreciate it if you'd kindly give me your opinion :) thanks in advance!

p.s: i know that some have already asked me to get a dell or a sony vaio, but the offers i got weren't that great (either low speed or too expensive to get)

Friday, January 26, 2007

new babies pics

Upon some of my friends requests, here are few pics :)

Meet the newest member in the family (7amoodeh's cousin)
(still doesn't have a name!)
Aya, Baby 7amoodeh and his new brother, baby Mu'ayyad

7amoodeh & Mu'ayyad
Sorry, but i still don't have baby A7mad, baby Nour(1), baby Nour (2), or Monther's twins pics! btw, u can always pass by a take a closer look ;)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

No Comment, LOL!

3a bab el masjed

Saturday, January 06, 2007

I couldn't resist!!!

ok, so one more post, i really can't help it :D (yea, i had another 1 of those real great days!!!)

Good Morning Sunshine! (the view from my window, 7:00 am)

Mantooseh (derived from man7ooseh, my beloved car) decided it's time to play "who has a flat tire!"

the good part was, i had Tala by my side (thanx a lot ;) and sorry for el sha7meh wel 6eeneh thing ;)

two young guys (both are in the 8th grade) Mohammad and Jihad, came to the rescue :) (in hope that they might be able to drive the car ;) (thanx guys!)

a police officer decided to park his car and watch (al shorta fee '7edmat al sha3b, lol) (well, we looked funny ;)

it was messy, we wasted a lot of time, but was sort of fun :D

anyways, time to study!!! c u all later ;)

Friday, January 05, 2007

it's hibernation time!

can u see garfield in this cute pic??? well, i got jealous and decided to do the same ;)
yea right... in my dreams!!!

in short, i have to vanish for a couple of weeks, so till then, am leaving u with:

"Hello Spank" (click on the pic :)

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Why do people want to get married?

knowing that am running out of good excuses, and knowing that sooner or later, i'll have to face it, for it's going to happen, wether i liked it or not ... i realized that i can't keep on running forever... thus, i decided to find an answer that would sort of convince me... i mean, if i'll ever have to say "yes" to someone, then i atleast want to be certain the am saying it for the right reasons (well, i still can't find a good one yet... but i'll keep on looking ;)

Anyway, I’ve been asking people why do they want to get married, the summarized answers were:

It's the human nature, it is unnatural to be alone. That is why God made a mate for Adam. To some, getting married is their Number One priority, they believe in "Get married or die trying! "

People want to get married to ease loneliness and to fulfill some needs... fear of growing old alone is a major factor, all people want someone they can spend the rest of their lives with, someone who'll always be there for them no matter what's the situation... people sort of believe that marriage is a guarantee for them to never be lonely for as long as they shall live.

They want a friend, a companion, somone to talk and open up to, someone to share everything with, someone they can trust and love unconditionally, someone they'll always be able to forgive, someone to help them get organized and think outside the box, and someone who will always support them and would do all these back to them.

Men, in general, want to feel that they have grown up, that they are adults... they want to feel fulfilled as men, that they are responsible... they do that by starting a family and having kids... on the other hand, every woman wants the security of marriage, of having a guy she can call her own... Someone that could do all the odd jobs at home, and someone she can lay her troubles on at the end of the day...

They get married for 'multiplication', they want to have kids of their own, to have someone carry their names and create dynasties... at the same time, they also want to be called dad/mom... Some just do it coz it seems like the logical next step to do in their lives...

Some think that the only way to be happy is to be in a relationship. It is not the case but it is their perspective... they think that if they got married, then they'll fill the emptiness they are feeling inside, and they'll experience happiness for the rest of their lives, and that life is going to get better and worthwhile.

There are other reasons for why people get married, like wanting to be free from parents, or due to people's criticism and family pressure once a woman/man reaches a certain age... They feel like they have to get married, simply because everyone else is getting married... the spread mentality is that when boys and girls "grow up" they are "supposed" to get married, so we're actually conditioned to want the same thing in order to keep other family members happy and to gain social conditioning, recognition and respect.... it's what the society demands, and it's starting to get more like a tradition or a custom...

Another major factor is the "L" word... some think they fell in love, and they want to spend the rest of their lives with that special someone... People want to love, and they also want to keep on being loved and cherished, they want to feel "special"... they believe in "together forever" and "happily ever after"... (not gonna comment!).

There are non-romantic reasons out there too, men could want to marry someone for her money, or because of her dad's position and powerful contacts (and vice versa)... marriage can also be a pure bussiness relationship... it is known that there is a much better opportunity in getting a certain position or a job when you're married... health insurance, taxes, legal reasons, immigration purposes and lots of other stuff are made easier too...

Silly reasons for getting married include: they think marriage is going to be fun, wanting to have a huge party with all their friends and family gathered, and them being the center of attention... the dream of being a bride and wearing a beautiful wedding gown, going on a honeymoon, and getting all those fancy presents and gifts... and finally because they met someone who says that he/she loves them, and they're afraid that no one else would love them the same way (although they know that they don't love them back!!!)

But what i don't get is, some don't think there is an actual reason for getting married, to them it just felt like the right thing to do, and so they did it...

so, for those out there wanting to get married (and for those who already got married), what are your reasons :)